About Us

Our Mission

Guiding students to discover and maximize their full potential through career guidance and market awareness activities

Our Vision

Tertiary graduates ably adapting to the market as employees and / or entrepreneurs.

*We envisage a future with new graduates equipped with skills and exposure required at entrant level in the industry of their field of training; or gain skills and exposure in an area of interest to begin a start-up


1. To conduct activities that expose Tertiary and Senior Secondary Students to the market and community
2. To create a platform where employers can find students seeking volunteer and internship opportunities
3. To form partnerships that will resource our activities in-kind and funding
4. To advocate for the institutionalization of internship and volunteering as a culture in both public and private institutions
5. To develop activities that will generate income for the self sustainability of our programs

Our Values


We embrace work as a call to use our gifting, skills and abilities to accomplish our mission


We encourage new and innovative ideas that scale up our impact


We uphold high moral standards in conduct, duty and accountability of resources


We believe in collaborating with like minded persons, individuals, public and private institutions to accomplish this enormous work


We value and recognize the contribution made by all team members, and our partners

These values guide our decisions and ethics of our work behavior.