Welcome to ViTAE!

ViTAE stands for Volunteering and Internship To Acquire Experience

ViTAE e-Platform is for

  • Students: to ADVERTISE yourself and your interest to intern or volunteer

  • New graduates: to ADVERTISE yourself and your interest in employment or entrepreneurship

  • Employers/Entrepreneurs: to SELECT students or new graduates who match your need.

To learn about ViTAE for students

To learn about ViTAE for employers / entrepreneurs


Today’s tertiary (Vocational, Technical, College and University) student must TAKE INITIATIVE to gain key market skills before he she graduates. It will give the student a competitive advantage when he / she enters the market after graduation.

Advantages of ViTAE

  • Provides a CV Template with hints to articulate yourself

  • Increased visibility to potential employers looking for interns, volunteers or job seekers

  • Accepts all eligible persons without any bias thus equal opportunity for selection

  • It’s e-setting eliminates the risk of your CV getting lost, a risk typical of hard copy documents

  • Gaps in your CV guide you on what to address to improve your marketability

  • Access to make updates or other changes

ViTAE has the following CV-interest-templates to advertise you.

  • Internship
  • Volunteer
  • job seeker

Play your part by taking initiative to let the market (potential employers and entrepreneurs) know your interest.


We will do our best to draw employers and entrepreneurs’ attention, but the decision to make the offer for internship, volunteer or job lies with the employer / entrepreneur.

Employer / Entrepreneur

Offering Internship and volunteer opportunities is one of the GREATEST Corporate Social Responsibility a company or organization can offer the youth today. It is an investment your future prospective employees and customers / clients

ViTAE e-Platform for employers and entrepreneurs to access CVs of tertiary (Vocational, Technical, College and University) students who are looking for opportunities for:

  • Internship

  • Volunteer

  • Young graduates entering the market

Advantages of ViTAE are

  • Access to a data base of students interested in internship, volunteering and new graduates seeking jobs

  • Enables you search and select specific competencies, skills and training

  • Opens you to benefits youth bring into a business or organization:

    • Comfortable with technology
    • High adaptability to change

    • New talent

    • Flexibility

    • Fresh outlook

  • A platform for entrepreneurs looking for entrepreneur-inclined-students

  • A platform to advertise volunteer, internship and job vacancies.